Rakfish Fra Valdres

Old tradition

At Haadem farm in Valdres, rakfisk production has been of great importance for many generations. As early as the 19th century, rakfisk was sold, even then rakfisk had as much importance as forestry and agriculture on the farm.

fresh water

Haadem farm with its unique location by the waterfall “Faslefossen” made it natural to utilize the rich fishing resources that were there. Enormous amounts of fresh water originating from the mountainarea “Jotunheimen” and the surroundings provided very good conditions for making rakfisk.

geographically protected

Rakfisk from Haadem Fisk is geographically protected. This means that you can be sure that this fish has lived all its life in Valdres and been fermented to rakfisk in the same place.

Norwegian food culture

Rakfisk is an important part of the Norwegian food tradition. Part of the cultural heritage. An
important tradition to bring into the modern world.

Natural food

Rakfisk produced at Haadem Fisk is fermented exclusively by the fish’s own bacteria and enzymes. In the traditional way, we only use salt for preservation, and the maturing is controlled by temperature. Due to these simple and traditional methods, the product has natural variations, pure and real taste. This is one of the few products made using this method from a bygone era.


Accuracy and detail are important when it comes to rakfisk. We take pride in the product we make.

Food safety

We are very concerned about food safety and spend a lot of resources on extensive laboratory testing of our products.

Preservation method
with good taste

Rakfisk was in the old days a way to preserve the autumn catch of fish for use during the harsh winter. Due to the rakfisk’s good taste, it became not only a way to survive, but food for parties and holidays.

Traditional accessories

According to an old tradition in Valdres, rakfisk is eaten with potatoes, good butter, flatbread and lefse. But can also be combined with sour cream, red onion and a number of other accessories.

Exciting taste

Rakfisk can be prepared in several variations. With the rakfisk unique taste, only the imagination sets the limit for a good meal.

Drinks that combine
with rakfisk

For many, drinking the rakfisk meal means beer and aquavit. But for example, a dry Riesling can suit surprisingly well with rakfisk. For those of us who love exciting flavors, rakfisk is one of the big highlights.

Modern production

In 1967, Haadem Fisk was established, and the
foundation stone was laid for a modern rakfisk production.

Family business

To this day, the Haadem family still makes rakfisk by Faslefossen. Still just as concerned with old tradition, quality, and good taste experiences.

Enjoy it!